About SingFit PRIME
SingFit Prime is a music therapist designed cognitive and physical stimula-tion program that incorporates singing, movement and reminiscence for a fully engaging mind/body workout. SingFit PRIME uses our library of more than 300 classic hits including “Over the Rainbow” and “Blueberry Hill” to keep seniors active, engaged and singing.

What is SingFit PRIME?

How SingFit PRIME Works
The SingFit Prime system includes:

  • A patented iTunes app with a unique Lyric Coach; this means that no lyric sheets are required, so clients can fully immerse themselves in the music and experience
  • Curated programming specifically for people with dementia access deeply seeded musical memories
  • Training and support so that the SingFit Prime program is consistent and is tailored to meet the goals and needs of each person

Why Get Seniors Singing with SingFit Prime?
Clinical studies have shown that regular singing:

  • Provides a full brain workout to help increase focus and attention
  • Releases and regulates mood elevating, stress reducing, sleep enhancing and pain relieving neurochemicals including dopamine, seritonin, endorphins, melatonin & cortisol
  • Increases oxygenation and helps maintain breathing capacity
  • Encourages socialization and helps reduce social isolation